I am a work in progress. In high school I dreamed of being a professional Chef or Architect; I could not decide. A quick education won me over and I now have an Associates degree in Interior Design (which I have and will NEVER use). I met my WONDERFUL husband while in college, he popped the question after only 5 months of dating, and we have now been married 5 years! We have two wonderful daughters, one is my assistant baker, and the other the assistant mess-maker. I love to cook. I started making birthday cakes from scratch for my girls, which led to friends and then even a wedding cake! I love it so much. Now I am seeking all forms of training to develop my skills. I am well on my way to being Wilton certified, and can’t wait to take a few fondant classes. I want to start a bakery, a cake bakery, Bonobo Cakes. I am no professional, but maybe one day! This is my dream!