Otherwise known as MM Fondant (Marshmallow Fondant).  This is by far the easiest to make and color, as well as the best tasting.  It also has a very beautiful sheen.  My wonderful husband, soon to be professional kneader, did all the work for me late one evening two nights before my daughter’s 2nd birthday.  He really wants to be my right hand in this endeavor (no pun intended).  He is eager to help me with any “new” experiment!

HOWEVER, it is the hardest to roll out and then even harder to lift and apply.  It is very stretchy, so it pulled it self very thin as I lifted to drape it.  What was 1/8 inch thick rolled ended up only 1/16th of an inch thick on the cake.  It also does not dry out.  It would not work for building characters or figurines at all.  Once on a cake, luster dust is very difficult to add.  Due to the high fat content of Crisco, the dust sticks and does not spread evenly.  So back to square one.  How do I make somewhat stretchy, somewhat dense, tasty fondant?