The girls and I have been picking blueberries from a local farm by the gallon full.  The farm is this quaint little house with field behind.  They house chickens for eggs and turkeys for breeding.  Luck us, a clutch hatched the first day we picked and the Mallory’s let us climb in the pen and hold the cute little babies.  We do enjoy the farm life, especially Kaighty.  Back to the kitchen, with all those berries and company coming over, it was decided we needed to make a Wild Blueberry Pie!   I have never actually made a pie from scratch before (with out my mother in the room), so I headed to one of my favorite books for a recipe.  In the Sweet Kitchen by Regan Daley is an amazing book, almost an encyclopedia for bakers, and only half full of recipes.  It is one of my favorite kitchen treasures.  The pie took most of the morning to make, or the crust rather.  This recipe called for lard in the crust, which was a new ingredient to me. This definitely made my crust very flaky and delicious!


When removed from the oven, the blueberry goodness was bubbling up from the slits in the pie, and releasing the most wonderful smell.  Oh pie, how I love thee!   Served at room temperature with wild blueberry home-churned ice cream was divine!  Thanks Regan for a great book full of amazing recipes and kitchen knowledge!