My nephew Gavin turned 3 over the Christmas holidays.  His parents threw him a construction party that was supper cute.  Yellow hard hats and all.  For his cake I was given no direction other than “trucks, working trucks”.  I love it when that happens.  Creative freedom.  My mind just races.  Last year I hand-made his John Deere Tractor out of fondant, he was pretty upset that he could not play with it at all, so this year I opted with trucks he could keep forever.

For the cake, I used yellow cake and vanilla bean buttercream.   My girls happily crushed Oreo’s and animal crackers for the dirt.   To finish it off, I rolled out a very thin ribbon of yellow fondant and wrote a message on the “caution” tape.  I love this cake, it was so fun to make and Gavin stood by it as proud as he could be until it was finally time to cut it and give him his trucks.

Happy 3rd birthday budy, Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Joey love you very much!